Tourist Circuit Bretagne




The Gulf of Morbihan is part of the Club of Most beautiful Bays of the World.
A splendid place where the sea mixes, the ground, sky, with a climate moderated like all Brittany.
the Gulf of Morbihan it est12 000 hectares at the edge of the Atlantic and protected from the storms in Southern Brittany, in the department of Morbihan, the Gulf of Morbihan is a true small inland sea. An astonishing place where the various elements of nature mix in rare landscapes.
The department “Mor-Bihan” which means small sea into Breton, was submerged by the Atlantic several thousands of years ago, whereas the rivers had already furrowed the ground. This is why the Ocean ventures also far in the middle of the grounds of Morbihan of which Vannes and Auray by <<rias>> typical of Brittany, it surrounds the old hills in a true archipelago: island with the Monks, island of Arz, it is the gulf of natural Morbihan.La and the animals are very present.
Only a one kilometer broad space between Arzon and Locmariaquer separates the “gulf from Morbihan” of the ocean. Vannes, behind the Gulf of Morbihan, is located at 25 kilometers of the ocean.

A driver deprived for a travel tour, it is brilliant to visit Brittany!
Is it what a travel tour?  to go on several selected tourist places in advance and to return to the starting point.
Uncircuit to visit Brittany in VTC (car of transport with driver) is a way whose point of arrival is also the starting point. It can realized over a few hours or several days. But you have perhaps already to find a tourist route in Brittany with a travel agency, but you do not have transport, this is why YOUR DRIVER BRETAGNE proposes to you to be your driver deprived throughout all your travel in Brittany. You will be quieter than in a bus with 20 or 30 passengers and you will not lead, you will be more forms some to visit.

A circuit to visit Brittany in VTC, it is also to benefit from the services like the bottles of water and candies or of a charger of telephone etc…

Book well in advance to be sure that YOUR DRIVER BRETAGNE is available!


Here tourist routes of YOUR DRIVER BRETAGNE to visit Brittany:

Travel tour in Brittany n°1
Breizh weekend: two days (return to the starting point: your hotel on Lorient or Vannes for example): 1400 euros: even rate for 1 to 6 people or 4 adults and 2 children or 2 adults and 4 children etc…:

First day:
Historic center of Vannes.
Golf of Morbihan (Arzon with Locmariaquer).
The Megaliths (Locmariaquer and Carnac).

Second day:
Point of the Strong current.
Peninsula of Crozon.
Mounts of Arrée.
The pink granite coast (Treburden with Perros-Guirec).

Are not understood in the rate: the hotel and restoration.
You will be able to stop with each 30 minutes agreed place to approximately 1 a.m., to trott you and take pictures, or to eat.
You will profit besides an ecological and quiet transport.

Travel tour in Brittany n°2
Four days between ground and sea: departure and return on Rennes:
Rate of 2500 euros for one to 4 people. Thus for 4 people: 312.5 euros per anybody and day.
Are not understood in the rate: hotels or lists and restoration.

First day:
Forest of Brocéliande, guide on the spot and museum.
Return on Rennes.

Second day:
Historic center of Vannes. All the morning.
Gulf of Morbihan, Arzon with Locmariaquer then Carnac with the Megaliths.
Return on Quimper or to side.

Third day:
Center of Quimper. All the morning.
Point of the Strong current.
Peninsula of Crozon.
Return on Quimper or to side.

Fourth day:
Mounts of Arrée.
The Granite Pink coast.
The Emerald coast, and the Fort the Slat.
Return on Rennes.


There are so much possibilities to visit Brittany, contacts YOUR DRIVER BRETAGNE and asks a free estimate.